The Strange Bedfellows are a short and long form improv group from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. They perform bi-weekly at the campus coffee shop, the Ronj.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here's the Line Up...

From left to right we are the Strange Bedfellows of September Oh Seven. You think you know us, but there's a small chance you could be wrong. We have all changed a lot this summer:

1.) LEE, dealing with the emotional trauma accompanying a barren womb, opted to ADopt.

2.) LAURA, always on the lookout for her next high, attended Moxie Fest and came back a changed woman.

3.) ZACH, hungry for fame, enjoys a guest spot on Gray's Anatomy and now speaks out against malpractice.

4.) LEXI, having grown three feet in the past two months, trumped her competition in America's Next Top Model.

5.) DYLAN, returning from an apprenticeship with Barry Feinstein, will not settle until you or your loved ones are granted adequate compensation for the harms done them.

6.) LILY, pictured with a knife, is the new spokesbear for Downy products.

7.) WILL is still too cool for you, but now it's just more apparent because he uses Axe and starches his popped shirt collars.

8 - [undefined numeral].) COULD BE YOU!

Be sure to audition for Bates' best and only improv troupe this September. Join the funny squad and combat grave monotony where it sleeps... everywhere.

Love, The Strange Bedfellows

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tonight, Tonight, The World is Full of Light...

... with stars and moons all ooover the plaaace!

Don't even pretend you don't own a collector's edition DVD of West Side Story and lament (bi-weekly) over the tragic death of Natalie Wood while listening wistfully to "One Hand, One Heart"... okay, so I'm alone on this. Regardless:

10 PM in the RONJ

*With special guest star, alumnus Kevin Weiler!*

Last show of the year. Don't miss it. I mean, honestly, what else do you have to do tonight?... aside from your bi-weekly lamentation over the tragic death of Natalie Wood.

...We're onto you,
Los Bedfellows Extranos

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Have a cow, this Sunday.

We're having a show this Sunday, Jan. 28th, at 9 pm in Gannett Theater (basement of Pettigrew)! You'll feel so good, you might just go live the remainder of your days on a Happy Farm.

Come watch us be silly,
The Strange Bedfellows

Monday, January 22, 2007

"Next Saturday night, we're sending you back... to the future!"

Admittedly that title has little to nothing to do with the subject of this post. Besides the fact that I included the word "future". And the fact that I was in love with Michael J. Fox as a youngster. What an amazing film series.

The new year is upon us! And with that knowledge, Ye Olde Bedfellows have been striving to fulfill some New Year's comedy resolutions.

1. Long Form. In the light. In the dark. Wherever. Whenever. Forever.

2. New website soon!

3. Taking the Trey Vag and their phat beatz global.

4. We're in the beginning stages of filming an improv mockumentary movie about the art of dance.

5. Each Bedfellow has written a heart-wrenching letter to The Learning Channel, begging for a full group makeover on "Ten Years Younger".

6. We're learning how to count, also, so we can make longer numbered lists of things we want to do. Six is our max, as of now.

ABOVE are a few photos from a pre-break shoot, entitled "Do some good this holiday season... bang a thesis student". Lily used her ability to GET around to spread... joy... around, during finals period.

We're shooting for a show this Sunday (1/28) at 9pm in the Ronj. Updates on that soon.

Los Amigos de Cama Extranos

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hot Off Tha Press

bedfellows are back on the scene!!!! so we got these new peeps, right? and they off the hizzy fo' shizzy. we rockin wit lily (posh vag) sullivan-she from telluride, then we gots zach bain (pain) from boston and finally will gardner (wilco) from VT. we opened with a wonderful short form show and we have already introduced long form to the group. rehearsals have been amazing...what a great year we have ahead of us!

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Winds of Chicago Blew

As I make my way across the country I find myself wondering where all the alumni go when they leave Bates. Like many others I'm heading to California but only for a few days before I head up to Alaska. Yesterday on my drive I ran into two familiar faces, Lexi, and Meg. They both reside in the greater Chicago, IL area. We had a great lunch at Homers and then stuck our feet in the Great Lake Michigan. Pictures will be posted as soon as I have some more time to sit down at a computer. If there are any Bedfellows in Ft. Collins, CO or near San Jose, CA or anywhere in between let me know and maybe I'll stop by.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Summer Wind Came Blowin' in From Across the Sea...

It's officially time for summer vacation. While this has its obvious perks, it also means that we'll be saying goodbye to some incredible comedians... and friends (sigh).

Alex Teague, Meg Joyce, John Mulligan, Dustin Drury, and reigning gibberish master, Carrie Murphy: we wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do in the future. We'd also like to inform you that we've sneakily attached tracking devices to each of you, so that when the time comes to put together next year's alumni show, we can efficiently track you down. We mean business. Technology these days. I tell ya.

Pictured above is the slew of Strange Bedfellows, past and present, who brought it hardcore at the infamous Alumni Show on Saturday, May 20th. Lovely, lovely people.

See ya next fall!,
The STRAAAANGE Bedfellows